Scriptigo 1.0 released

Scriptigo 1.0 has now been released. The free version of Scriptigo enables you to:

  • Manage your script library: have all your scripts in one place, easily accessible, and synced across your mobile devices
  • Customize your reading experience: Use standard script formatting or customize it
  • Batch import your scripts from email and iCloud
  • Import scripts created with Final Draft, Microsoft Word, plain text, and other file formats like Fountain (used by Highland & Slugline)
The free version of Scriptigo is perfect for anyone who wanted to collect all their scripts in one place.

You can upgrade to Scriptigo for only $4.99 and receive the following features:

  • Write and edit your scripts: automatic formatting allows you to just type
  • Power find & replace: make bulk changes to your scripts
  • Script notes: Make notes in your scripts to record your ideas
Scriptigo Pro is exactly what every script writer needs.

If you need to collaborate on your scripts with other users, Scriptigo Pro Sharing is the best way to keep in sync. It also includes:

  • Share scripts with your team: Scripts are in sync up to the minute with your entire production team
  • Revision tracking: Indicators show where the last edits were made in the script
  • Track script versions: Changes are tracked so you can roll back to previous versions if you make a mistake
  • Track line numbers: Lock your line numbers so they stay the same after editing them
Sign up for a subscription to Scriptigo Pro Sharing for $5/user per month (or the equivalent in your currency).


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