Sharing Scripts with a Team

A shared user must activate sharing on their device and be in your address book on your device. When you start the app for the first time after installation, Scriptigo asks users to enable sharing.


In order to activate sharing on all shared devices, the user must open the app and agree to share using email. If they did not previously activate sharing, but now want to, follow these steps:

On Apple iOS versions up to 10.2.1:

  1. Open the Settings app on the device.
  2. Go to iCloud -> iCloud Drive -> Look Me Up By Email.
  3. Ensure this setting is turned on for Scriptigo.

On Apple iOS versions later than 10.3:

  1. Open the Settings app on the device.
  2. Tap your name to see your iCloud settings.
  3. Go to iCloud -> Look Me Up (at the bottom of the list).
  4. Ensure the setting is turned on for Scriptigo.

Upgrading to Scriptigo Sharing SCRIPTIGO SHARING

Scriptigo Sharing is the subscription service for sharing your scripts in real time and tracking script versions with other users. In the Settings menu, choose Upgrade to Scriptigo Sharing to set up your preferences and confirm with your Apple ID password.

The Scriptigo Sharing service is based on the number of "seats" you choose and the unique users you assign to those seats. If you assign a user a seat, they can access any number of your scripts without taking up another seat.


Seats are added to your subscription in sets of five. The number of seats applies to all of your scripts, including you. So when you add add seats, you will always take up one seat for yourself from the total. If you need to add more seats, go to Manage Pro Sharing in the Settings menu or tap Add More Seats in the Team menu and choose the number of seats.

Adding a Team Member SCRIPTIGO SHARING

Once you add seats and open a script, you will see the Team menu. The Team menu allows you manage the people that have access to the current script. To add a new user to a script:

  1. Open the script you want to share and tap the Team menu icon.
  2. Tap Add User.
  3. Enter the user's email address and tap Search.
  4. Tap Send invitation to email an invitation to the user.

Once the recipient taps the link in the their invitation email to accept, they will see the shared script.

Removing a Team Member SCRIPTIGO SHARING

Once you remove a user, they lose access to the shared script. To remove a user:

  1. Open the script you want to share and tap the Team menu icon.
  2. Tap Remove User.

Team Member Permissions SCRIPTIGO SHARING

There are three types of script permissions:

  • Reader: This is the default permission level for any user and limits that person to Reading Mode for that script.
  • Writer: Users with this level have full control over editing the script.
  • Owner: Owners are the Administrators and the single designated owner of a script. Owners manage its sharing subscription.

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