Scriptigo File Format

While Scriptigo can import a variety of file formats, it uses Fountain as the main format. Fountain is an open industry standard for scripts and just works if you begin typing. However, it differs from plain text files in that special formatting is supported if you want it. If you're under-geeky you can dive into the Fountain syntax for more advanced features, but they're not necessary. Here's an example of a script and how it looks when Scriptigo processes the text.

Fountain syntax comparison

Fountain Quick Start Tutorial

Watch the Fountain Quick Start Guide to get a brief overview of the format

So you don't have to remember the Fountain syntax, we've also provided a menu of the various script elements while in editing mode. Either insert the element where your cursor is or select text to turn it into a formatted element.

Improvements to Fountain

Scriptigo has added a few improvements to the Fountain specification. See the details.

Further Information

For more details on Fountain, visit


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