Customizing Reading Mode

To make your scripts easier to read, you have a few configurable options to adapt text to best suit your preference.

Font, Size and Leading

There are three font families to choose from:

  • Courier Prime: A monospaced, serif typeface designed to look like a typewriter and the standard for scripts.
  • San Francisco: A dynamic, sans-serif typeface designed by Apple with the primary goal of being the most flexible and readable font on digital screens.
  • Times New Roman: A classic, serif typeface designed for and commonly used by publications like newspapers and magazines.

By default, Scriptigo uses San Francisco in playscript mode and Courier Prime in screenplay mode.

You can also adjust the font size and leading in the Font Settings menu.

Line Numbers

Line numbers give you an easy way to track your location in a script. Turn on line numbers in the General Settings menu.

Highlight My Character

You may want to highlight a specific character's lines to make them easier to find. First choose the character name in the General Settings and turn on the Highlight My Character option. You can also select the highlight color in the same settings or hide all the other character's lines as a study tool.


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