Scriptigo Free vs. Scriptigo Pro vs. Scriptigo Sharing

Which version of Scriptigo is best for me? Scriptigo has three levels of features, depending on your needs:


This is the free version with basic features and unlimited scripts. This is best suited to the casual user for managing and working with their scripts.

Scriptigo Pro

This is the paid upgrade with complete script editing and notetaking features. This level is best for active users who are writers, directors, producers, actors, and professionals wanting to create, edit, and manage all their scripts. These features are indicated in the Help section with the SCRIPTIGO PRO label.

Scriptigo Sharing

This level is a subscription service to share scripts in real time and track script versions with a team of users. This is suited for production teams who want to manage scripts and stay in sync throughout the entire production process—from script to stage or screen. These features are indicated in the Help section with the SCRIPTIGO SHARING label.

Each user level also has a different support level. Read this article to find out more.

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