Help Overview

The Scriptigo help documentation is here to help you with the features of the app. You may want to check out the Quickstart to see how scriptwriting works using Fountain. We encourage you to check this section and our FAQs before contacting support. Your question or issue may already have been answered.

Here's a short overview on terminology used in this help documentation:

Scripts and Screenplays

While there are various terms in use for scripts (e.g. scripts or playscripts in the theatre, screenplays for television and film), Scriptigo supports formatting for all of them. So for the purposes of this Help section, we will use the term "script" to mean for any medium.

Screenplay Mode vs. Playscript Mode

By default, Playscript Mode is active when you install Scriptigo. This means the formatting resembles that which is commonly used for theatrical productions (character names are left-aligned, page breaks at the beginning of each new scene, etc.). To format your scripts like a film script, switch to Screenplay Mode in the General Settings. This changes the font, margins, alignment, and page breaks to match the conventions used for film and television.


We were created with the idea that there is a better and easier way to create film, television, and theatre. Our mission is to make that a creative and frictionless experience for production teams.